10 of Leonardo da Vinci’s Weirdest Inventions: Part 1

Leonardo da Vinci’s lifetime was filled with the mastering of many skills. Most of his talents are not known to many today, as he hosted a number of subjects. He was considered a Renaissance man because of all the subjects he explored. Born in 1452, Anchiano, Tuscany, now considered Italy, he was born to an attorney and notary father, and a peasant mother. He was a single child of the two, but they never married. He still had 17 other half-siblings as his parents went on to start their own families. By 5 he lived in an estate owned by his father’s side of the family as his uncle helped to raise him. da Vinci’s uncle had a strong appreciation for nature and he shared that interest.

Most of Leonardo da Vinci’s education was self taught, as he didn’t have much formal education besides basic math,reading, writing. Andrea del Verrocchio was a sculptor and painter who da Vinci became an apprentice to at age 15 because his father noticed his talent. In 1482, he painted his first commissioned work, The Adoration of the Magi. He went on to create his most famous works of today, The Last Super, and The Mona Lisa.

Through his lifetime, he dabbled in so many subjects, that most of he’s paintings were not able to be finished. In the 1490’s, he began keeping notebooks that covered all of the subjects that he was in. He always had a deep interest in nature, mechanics, and dissected human and animals bodies for answers. These notebooks are now referred to as da Vinci’s Manuscript, and explain what he was thinking.

So, that brings us to what many did not know about Leonado da Vinci, his inventions. He created a number of remarkable inventions that most don’t know about. Here is a list of the top 10 weirdest inventions he had created.

1) The Self-Propelled Cart

A deep thinker, Leonardo da Vinci designed what might have been the first thought of motorized vehicle. Many also consider it the first robot. He built many inventions that fit into the transportation category. This machine would have been powered by spring coils, giving it the boost to propel forward. He thought of everything as it also had steering and break functions. The design was very much incredible, as the operating system boasts very practical, easy to use functions. To accelerate, the user would simply have to release the breaks and to turn, the user would have options of preset turning angles. This design confused many until the 20th century. In 2006, Florence, Italy’s Institute and Museum of the History of Science, created the model from his designs, and it worked.

2) Revolving Bridge

This design was made by Da Vinci for soldiers to utilize. It was basically a portable bridge. The idea was to make it easy for soldiers to cross a large body of water or overpass. It would wing across a moat and continue to the other side. It had wheels and utilized a rope pulley system. He thought of everything as it also included a balancing system. There was also a model bridge that had a fast construction time so that it could spread across multiple rivers. This device created mobility for armies.

3) Robotic Knight

Many of the inventions he designed required tools to create them. So, da Vinci created the Robotic Knight. It required easier construction methods and didn’t have unnecessary designs on it. It was designed to sit, stand, move it’s head, and lift its visor. In 2002, Mark Rosheim built a working prototype, that could wave and walk. Today, this design inspired many robots from NASA.

4) Ideal City

After the plague had killed a third of Milan’s population, da Vinci designed the idea of a city that was more united, communicated better, and has sanitation needs. Since many in these times would throw wastes out of their window, he designed a canal system for commercial use and as a sewage system. The city had upper and lower areas. The tradesman and travelers would utilize the lower canals and gentleman the upper. His architectural side showed in the design of buildings as they had arcs and pillars. He also had fresh ari vents for the buildings. Today, it seems that many of the things he wanted, has been created, since his design was so vast he could not rebuild his present city.

5) Armored Car

Leonardo Da Vinci created many inventions to help soldiers. Another invention was the armored car. It would be able to move in any direction and held a multitude of weapons. the car had many light cannons and could turn 360 degrees. It was protected by a large cover and was operated using man power as they would turn cranks to keep wheels in motion. Its design was to intimidate the enemy. Many scholars today say that is had major flaw that would make motion impossible. They also agree that he was a pacifist and may not have wanted the machine to be created.

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