12 Amazing Things About The Last Supper: Part 1

Leonardo Da Vinci is by far the most famous High Renaissance artist he world knows of. Even the average laymen that has absolutely no knowledge or education on any art form knows the name and is aware of at least some of his paintings, and typically one of those painting is The Last Supper. This masterpiece that Da Vinci gifted to the world is not simply some pretty picture though. It’s history and background are just as interesting, if not more so, than it’s creator.

1) Size Does Matter

While people are highly aware of the image itself, most don’t realize that it’s not a painting on canvas and that it’s size is much more grand than just a couple feet. The Last Supper is actually a mural in the dining hall of what used to be a monastery. It’s actual size is 15 x 29 feet. On top of that, you may notice in photos of the wall, there’s a doorway that cuts off the bottom half of Jesus. At the time of the painting, that doorway wasn’t there and Jesus’s bottom half was part of the mural. The door was added to the room and the altercation of the mural happenned in 1650.

2) His Right Hand…Man?

The standard belief is that the mural is a depiction of Jesus with his Twelve Disciples, which obviously makes sense, and that the person sitting to his immediate right is the Apostle John. But people can’t help but notice how feminine John appears to be so it’s been a popular theory that it’s not John, but actually Mary Magdalene. The problem there is Magdalene was not a disciples and the bible makes no mention of her participation in the last supper.

3) Now That’s A Stretch

There’s a theory that Da Vinci incorporated a subliminal letter M into the painting by using Jesus’ and Judas’ pose together. The M supposedly stands for Magdalene and apparently implies that she was one of the disciples. The belief is seriously flawed since the names of all 12 disciples are known and the Bible clearly lists off their presence at the Last supper and had Magdalene attended that would make 13 disciples. Da Vinci Code type conspiracy theorists also believe that Jesus and Michael’s/Magdalene’s arms form a V which was a female symbol of the womb and is supposed to suggest that Jesus and Magdalene had an intimate relationship. These are immensely weak arguments so most people dismiss the theory.

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