12 Amazing Things About The Last Supper: Part 2

4) Been Through Hell

If you’re over 500 years old, you’re bound to have seen some bad times, which this mural certainly has. It’s actually a miracle that the it’s survived at all. At one point, Napolean’s armies used the room as a stable for their horses and stored hay there, and though they were ordered to leave the mural alone, they still ended up throwing clay all over it. Later on in 1800, there was a flood which resulted in the growth of green mold which ultimately covered the entire wall. Later on in 1943, the building was destroyed during bombing in WWII. The mural was spared due to it being protected with sandbags and only received minor injury. The monastery was rebuilt around the mural after the war ended.

5) Say Cheese

It’s speculated, but not proven that the painting includes two self portraits of Da Vinci according to art expert Ross King. He believes that the two figures to the left of Jesus, which are Thomas and James the Lesser, are modeled after Da Vinci himself. King came to this conclusion by comparing the figures to another portrait of Da Vinci and believes that the resemblances of the noses, hair styles and beards are far too similar to be a coincidence. It’s actually been theorized many times that Da Vinci included himself into many of his works, but again there’s no solid proof.

6) Don’t Push

Da Vinci wasn’t exactly known for being the fastest artist. He actually was quite the opposite. Da Vinci had a bad habit of procrastination and abandoning works all together on occasion. At one point, while working on the Last Supper the prior of Santa Maria delle Grazie began harassing Da Vinci and trying to get him to speed up his progress. Da Vinci retaliated by threatening to use the prior as his model for Judas Iscariot. The prior left him alone.

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