12 Amazing Things About The Last Supper: Part 4

10) Mural FAIL

At the time, frescos were made by painting tempura paints onto we plaster which would help preserve and extend the life of the image. This time Da Vinci was painting on dry plaster so he would have much more vivid coloring which he did achieve…for a while. A few years after the mural was finished it began to deteriorate, and the painting has been in a perpetual state of restoration ever since.

11) When Was It Finished?

Art historians all agree that Da Vinci started the mural in 1495, but from there they tend to butt heads. No one is quite sure when it was completed. Some say 1497 while others think 1498. We know that his work was slowed down due to working on other projects, and that’s about it.

12) What’s For Dinner?

Most people believed that the food being consumed by Jesus and the Disciples was simply bread and wine, mainly due to the fact that the bible specifically lists these items, but during a 1997 restoration the menu changed. It was discovered that on one of the plates to the left of Jesus there’s eel garnished with orange pieces being served as well. Part of the reason that it was probably added is that eels and oranges was a popular meal in the 1400’s, not to mention one Da Vinci’s favorites.

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