About me

I’m an artist living in central Jersey.  I especially like working with fire and heat!  This means that I do some glassblowing and quite a bit of metalworking.  I studied at Mason Gross School of the Arts and have had a few local internships.

I have a regular job that pays the bills doing stonework and landscaping.  I think these are both arts as well – rocks and plants always have a “face” and definitely take a good eye to position properly.  While I don’t always want to do manual labor, it’s good for the soul (right now, haha!) and I get to be outside.

Why Leonardo da Vinci?  Well, he was definitely a special guy and is famous for being far ahead of his time. He excelled in math, art, science, and physics.  The things he did were INHUMAN!  It’s really amazing to me that he was able to think about things in such a new way (and makes me wonder if he was just a time traveler that got stuck….).

I read that you’re the sum of the 5 people that you are closest to.  Leonardo will be my new 5th person.  So, the purpose of this blog is to make me closer to Leonardo da Vinci.  I decided that if I could learn much more about him, I could be more like him.  Maybe, in some parts of my life, instead of asking, “What should I do?” I could ask, “What would Leonardo do?”  Anyway, it’s an experiment for me to become a better artist.