Why The Vitruvian Man is so Important to Modern Art?

Leonardo da Vinci had one of the most intriguing minds. He was good at science, art and could study difficult subjects by himself. He was acclaimed during his time and still influences modern society because of his earlier inventions and theories. His most notable works include the “Mona Lisa”, his theory of the flying machines, and draft of the “Vitruvian Man”.

The Vitruvian Man comprises of the epitomes of the male human form. This name borrows from the Ancient Roman architect Vitruvius and his work.

The Vitruvian Man is a drawing done on paper and has handwritten notes. The drawing showcases two male figures overlaid on each other. The diagram illustrates the arms and legs at different angles. One of the figures has the legs slightly apart and arms coming out of the shoulders at right angles. The other man has reasonably spread his legs and his arms are at a different angle from the first drawing.

The head and torso of these two figures completely cover each other. They are both adorned with a square and circle to display the geometric extents of the body. The marking on the body demonstrates the points that form comparative measurements. There are also shadings and notes that detail the anatomical features.

Both Vitruvius and da Vinci had passion for ideas outside their main areas of expertise. They both loved the idea of geometry and proportions. In his designs, da Vinci employed his knowledge of mathematics, astronomy and medicine. They helped him perfect his architectural designs.

What they came up with influences how the volume of irregular objects is measured. The Vitruvian Man represents the ideologies that Leonardo was advancing. It represents all the interest that da Vinci had. It combines his passion for art and science.

These two lines of study become one in the Vitruvian Man. The two are normally regarded separately but this is changing. Scientists are working with artists to come up with inventive designs that are also beautiful.

The combination of art and science presents a new and exciting angle to creations. Da Vinci understood that how the human body works can be equated to the intricacies of the greater universe. This principal still has application in various schools of thought. He meant to combine man and nature and portray them as a single entity. They are similar yet different.

Da Vinci had a brilliant mind that is behind the schemes for later machines that were actualized hundreds of years later. His discoveries are still making an impact. It is like he saw the future and imagined things way before they would be actualized.

He had traits of a Renaissance man because of his interest in art, science, and everything. He also possessed traits of a modern man with his interest in discovering the truth, placing man in his place in the universe and linking things together or finding correlation between items.

The Vitruvian Man is an embodiment of mathematics and artistic theories. Its value is in revealing the Leonardo’s nature and his brilliance. It shows his scientific and artistic dexterity and is a symbol of his advanced and inventive theories. These ideas are still useful in modern society and affect innovation.

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