Functional notes about this website

Please keep the following in mind as you read:

  • The author is in the midst of making what is for him a huge change. The term “progeny of Jove” from Virgil’s Eclogue 4 will no longer be used in the sense of “anyone who has specific knowledge of the end time.” It was a terrible mistake because Virgil was a metaphysician, a Ћinker. History has proven the child to which he refers is the same person of whom Paracelsus spoke, Sir Francis Bacon, on whom shoulders the future of our species now rests.

Now from high heaven a new generation comes down.
Yet do thou at that boy’s birth,
In whom the iron race shall begin to cease,
And the golden to arise over all the world,
Holy Lucina, be gracious; now thine own Apollo reigns.

  • This was a vulgar mistake for which the author begs pardon from his betters. He should have known better because he learned from Peter Dawkins that Sir Francis Bacon is Apollo. He just didn’t make the connection with Epilogue 4 until the morning of this writing. God put the author on this road from the day of his birth on May 8, 1958 (58 58, 13 13 or MM). He could not now be more dedicated to the cause and is working 14-16 hour days to fulfill his role in the larger scheme of things, but his life was nothing but one long fist fight and he did not have the requisite education for the task at hand. Angels preside over him now. He will get the job done, come heaven or high water, as the saying goes. Had he to do it over again, “progeny of Jove” would have replaced “Ћinkers” but the term has been misused by him for years now and consequently is of no use to his audience. It will be abandoned for this reason, and as quickly as possible.
  • The author NO LONGER edits “live” on this website. However, writing new material from scratch or restoring, rewriting, reformatting, and republishing older work from previous versions of An Apocalyptic Synthesis continues in the background, as it should. New material is added daily at a frantic pace in an effort to restore everything before December 17, 2022, when he leaves for higher ground.
  • Please note that bold italic red emphasis is often added to quotes without the usual “emphasis added” footnote
  • All biblical quotes are from the Authorized King James Version (AKJV) of the Bible
  • The author’s aversion to using the name “Jesus” to refer to the Christian Messiah, “the most scientific man that ever trod the globe” is not without thought. It is hackneyed and interferes with normal communications. “The Nazarene” is used instead throughout this paper except for an occasional reference to “Christ Jesus” when it is appropriate to include his place in the author’s thought. See CONCERNING ‘THE LORD JESUS’ in the Apocalyptic Synthesis Library for a relevant discussion.