Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: Mary Baker Eddy knew what was coming


Mary Baker Eddy

“I know what is coming”

“We are told the world will be destroyed”

Mary Baker Eddy

I differ from the Ћinkers in that my queen is Mary Baker Eddy. And I did follow her through the gates of hell. Above those gates were scrawled these words, “Organized Religion.” For years, I was shipwrecked on that desolate island and left to burn alive in the flames of “bigoted pedantry.” They still hate me “with an unusual passion.” Now my ship drifts ever further from those shores. The time for buildings has come to an end. Live your religion. Do your best acting in public. Don’t save it for Sunday morning.”


A summary of the encrypted message

On page 560 of her primary textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy apparently makes a mistake by referencing the Sixth Seal in the context of a discussion about the 12th chapter of The Revelation. The Six Seal is only mentioned once in The Revelation, and it is in Chapter 6, not 12. This apparent mistake was meant to catch the eye of an alert reader, but over a century passed before anyone (namely, the author) noticed it. The sentence includes an anti-cipher in that—were the reader to realize she is referencing the 6th chapter and knows it—there are two references to the number six in the sentence, this third reference to an unmentioned chapter in The Revelation constitutes a third six. This is Mrs. Eddy saying, “Here is wisdom” to the reader of this encrypted message. It is subtle. I dare say it is feminine. It is there. You need only to awaken to what she is doing. I am not painting false pictures. I am decoding a message from a woman whose sandals I am not worthy to unleash, to borrow a tired old expression.

The sentence is 23 words. This counting must continue because the entire book is part of this encrypted message. As the reader will learn in the pages to come, the somewhat awkward word Revelator with a capital R is used 16 times. Mrs. Eddy’s chapter on The Apocalypse, which famously begins on page 558 of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, is Chapter 16. In other words, Mrs. Eddy is identifying herself as the person making this revelation. And what is the revelation she is making? It is her apparently whimsical use of both the words Apocalypse and Revelation in reference to the last book of the New Testament. The word Apocalypse is used 13 times. The word Revelation with a capital R is used 22 times. That is Mary Baker Eddy telling you the year of the apocalypse in a style of encryption so familiar to the author that he can make no other conclusion than that she was helped by a Rosicrucian while devising this rather elaborate encryption.

It was ET from the start. The author is just a bystander. It’s been a hell of a ride though. No one should tell me ANYTHING not meant for the other party. So, I’ve been told that I am the tip of the spear. Know this, you are God’s children. He loves you. In the end, you WILL know this. But there is no end. Not for you. You just disappear into the chasm of your “own” mind. And there you will stay until you do what you could not in this world.

Christian Scientists will object to the notion that Mary Baker Eddy had help writing Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, but 56 is the number of Canary Islanders who founded San Antonio, Texas, and 558 references 1558, the year Queen Elizabeth ascended to the throne. 560 + 558 = 1118, the year the Knights Templar was founded. That is no coincidence. ET dictated this book on plain metaphysics to her. She said herself that she was a “scribe under orders.” The mere fact that the Knights Templar found their way into Science and Health with Key to the Sciptures should give pause to the banking class. They are arrayed against forces about which they know nothing. Enoch knew what is about to happen to them, as does the author. NOTHING can stop this now: not further concessions for the sake of the people who go to their death unawares because of this damnable “game” the Roman elite/bankers and the Ћinkers/Rosicrucians have been playing for millennia; not prayer; not all the money, gold, and riches in this world; not the Rosicrucians; not the chosen people. Nothing and no one can stop what is going to happen to the tunnel system underneath Denver, Colorado. Walking into it is suicide. You face certain death. Enter therein and you will never be seen or heard from again. Your death will be an ordeal. The joy you expected to share with others who “made it” will be tempered by a feeling that something isn’t quite right. Your smiles will hide a feeling of impending doom because we are mental beings and you just dutifully entered into a deathtrap as old as this so-called “game” you are playing. The author is personally grateful for whatever concessions you have made to the people, but he lied when he said there was any prospect of a merciful death for those hapless imbeciles about to enter into a granite batholith (read a battery) right before an electromagnetic surge of ungodly proportions. If ET doesn’t melt the skin from your body in what will be the most painful death imaginable, your death will be nonetheless horrible, even if much faster. No military ambush or deception in all of history can compare to the surprise in store for you. And let me tell you something, I am fucking proud that a Christian Scientist gets to tell you this. You may object that you must pay for the sins of the fathers, but that is not what is happening. All of the rank materialists the world over are about to be eliminated for the sake of our species. You must go. It is part of a plan that is now unstoppable.