@translate Part IV. The Movies

NOTE: Non-English speaking readers can use this page to translate the text at the beginning of PART IV in the “Me and Tracy Chapman” video.

The YouTube video “BACK TO THE FUTURE predicts 9/11” has been watched nearly five million times since it was posted on YouTube. LeonardodaVinci.tv picks up where they left off and fully analyses the movies Back to the Future, Tomorrowland, and The Walk. This trilogy of end-time movies is the backbone of what the author calls a “fireworks display” of end-time warnings the public completely missed. Analyzing these movies is only a part of what the author discusses on LeonardodaVinci.tv, but it is an important part. The “You’ll find out in 30 years” in Back to the Future references Tomorrowland’s release date. Tomorrowland is the movie in which the Rosicrucians divulged the year of the apocalypse is 2022. A few weeks away. The math is simple: 1985 (the release date for Back to the Future) + 30 years = 2015, the year Tomorrowland was released. I5 is insanely important to the Rosicrucians because Mars had an orbital period of 15 years when it was destroying Earth and giving rise to the Romans and profoundly important meaning to the number 47. Understand why 47 is so important to the founders of Vanguard, and you can see the bankers using numbers to reveal the year of the apocalypse. These two movies also share hidden footage not seen at normal speed. This hidden footage is meant to confirm the link between the two movies. And The Walk? It, too, is not what you think. The Walk reduced the author to tears the first time he watched it.