Global Privacy Statement

LAST UPDATED: October 21, 2022

MY GLOBAL PRIVACY POLICY IS SIMPLE. I don’t collect or store information on anyone. Period. I have no need to collect data of any kind, and I don’t. Got it?


Information Awareness Office seal (motto: lat. scientia est potentia – knowledge is power) [Credit: Wikipedia]. Indeed it is; knowledge is power. The Pythagoras cipher (a.k.a. “full reduction”) value for “Information Awareness Office” is 130, the same as “Rosicrucian” and that is no accident.

A Note about privacy

Privacy is not just an illusion; it’s a delusion. Privacy statements and permission to use cookies are little more than sophisticated propaganda. If you think for a moment the progeny of Jove cannot prepare a dossier on you within minutes that would make your mother faint and your father die of shame, you’re living in fantasy land. You have no idea how much data they store on individuals, not just credit card purchases: tracking data, telephone conversations, text messages, and anything you ever posted on the Internet. It’s a devouring machine. Get in their way, and you will find out how much they know about you. It has been this way for a very long time. This is nothing new. And yes, they really can turn on your cell phone camera and microphone at will without lights, so long as the battery is attached. And VPN? I laugh when I think about VPNs. There is no cryptographic protocol used on the Internet that the progeny of Jove cannot decipher. None. The only way to live with this level of privacy evasion is to accept the reality of it. Stop thinking you are ever alone. Out in the middle of nowhere with no electronics on you? Maybe