2022: Manly P. Hall’s “The Secret Teachings of all Ages”

The full name of Manly P. Hall’s The Secret Teachings of All Ages is intimidating. Your first hint that Manly P. Hall is doing something different comes with the capital letters RAMA that “conceals” the truth. The truth is not inside the book. As a Christian Scientist, not by birth, but by choice at the age of 19 while living in the YMCA on West Franklin Street in downtown Baltimore, I am unusually qualified to make the statement that the Ћinkers have produced thousands of years of some of the most convoluted metaphysics imaginable, methinks best represented by “Madame Blavatsky.” This book, and Manly P. Hall’s lecture are good examples. The author never read it. He didn’t have to read it to know what Manly P. Hall wanted to say to his audience. He used an entirely different mechanism to communicate the very same “13 22” found in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. And of course, these two “13 22” encodings vary little from the “23 22” in the Tomorrowland trailers. This is how the game is played. If you are looking for something more complicated, you will NEVER find it.

1300 “special” editions

There were five printings in 1928 of Manly P. Hall’s Secret Teachings of all Ages. I find it highly unusual for an author to be talking about book sales in the Preface of the first edition, yet the following quote is from the Preface of The Secret Teachings of All Ages, which Preface was written by Manly P. Hall.

The pre-publication sale of this book has been without known precedent in book history. The subscription list for the first edition of 550 copies was entirely closed a year before the manuscript was placed in the printer’s hands. The second, or King Solomon, edition, consisting of 550 copies, and the third, or Theosophical, edition, consisting of 200 copies, were sold before the finished volume was received from the printer. For so ambitious a production, this constitutes a unique achievement. “

Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Preface

So what we have here is multiple “special” editions of a book that has not yet sold. If that doesn’t awaken you to what he is doing, I don’t know what will. The message he is conveying is nothing less than the year of the apocalypse which is pretty much telling us he learned from the Rosicrucians. And that message is primarily conveyed by sales of the Rosicrucian Edition 100 (a painfully obvious reference to Sir Francis Bacon) and the unnamed Fifth Edition which sold 800 copies. Neither of these editions is mentioned in the Preface.. The 1300 copies mentioned in the Preface are a device intended to get your attention. But in order to understand the message Manly P. Hall is conveying in The Secret Teachings of All Ages, you had to how many copies of these last two editions sold. In other words, he didn’t write anything down. Manly P. Hall dies in 1990, 62 years after publishing this book. I’m surprised this little stunt didn’t get him killed sooner. It was way too obvious.

2200 copies sold

Two later editions “The Rosicrucian Edition” (100 copies) and the “Fifth Edition” (800 copies) were published in 1928. Both are well-known references to Elizabethan England. 100 is Sir Francis Bacon in the 24-letter alphabet. The other is 58, a reference to his mother Queen Elizabeth and probably to the age of the Nazarene when he died in India. Here is the encoded message from The Secret Teachings Of All Ages. It’s not even in the book.

  • First (Subscriber’s) Edition 550
  • King Solomon Edition 550
  • Theosophical Edition 200

1300 copies in three special editions

  • Rosicrucian Edition 100
  • Fifth Edition 800
  • Total 2200 Copies

Whenever the author listens to one of Manly P. Hall’s lectures, what he regularly hears is a guy talking at two levels, one way above the other. That takes talent.