Tomorrowland trailer analysis revisited

I cannot say how this day would have gone had I not been made aware of this image from the mother of one of the two families I keep foremost in thought. I can only say it would have been much different and not as productive. Now let’s get to work. I see 39 and a big plus sign painted on the top of Frank Walker’s helmet in red. In Rosicrucian, this reads, “Think! Add 39.” But Add 39 to what? is the question. Between the 39 and the plus sign is a jetpack with Electrolux on the side and Frank Walker, one of the characters.
Something else I need to address before getting started is the vanishing exclamation mark in trailers #2 and #4. This becomes important when discussing trailer #12, posted on YouTube on April 24, 2015. And that is the first of the trailers revised in this analysis. I call it a “message from God” because 45 is the 9th triangular number, and 117 is the 9th pentagonal number. In the posting date countdown, trailer #12 was posted to YouTube on day 197, counting down from 225. 197 is the 45th prime, and the runtime for the trailer is 0:45. That is like putting exclamation marks on either side of the trailer name. I’ll get back to this momentarily. 110 has a different meaning here, I believe. The divisors for 110 total 216, so I dubbed trailer #12 a “message from God.” Not that the gematria for ‘exclamation’ combined with the 0:45 runtime tells us that Pythagoras is the primary cipher in play, and indeed it is.

Here is the list of trailers I will review today in light of the 39 integer offset which I have yet to discuss in the countdown clock analysis.

Let’s start with this row in the table.

Replace “Remember the future” with “Back to the Future,” and the Pythagoras cipher value is 59. The same as 13:59. 59 is the 17th prime. The 522nd prime is 3739.

3739 contsains the same 739, the 131st prime you are seeing everywhere esle.

The trailers are about to ask you a question, and Trailer #12 is giving you the answer in advance. 37 is the 12th prime.  It is also relevant because that was the age of Christ Jesus when he was crucified, and the two trailers that encode the 39 were released on April 30 or 43, a reference to Friday, April 3, AD 33, when he was crucified. In the end, 333 is the key to everything. Everything is being put on Holy ground for the presentation of 39, which begins in the next row of the table, row #13. But the indirect reference to “Back to the Future,” the 522nd prime, and the 13:59 aggregate runtime have already told you the answer, just like Back to the Future predicted the Twin Towers would be destroyed in advance of the banker’s little shitshow on 9/11. We already discussed 197 and the 0:45 runtime. They serve several purposes, such as exclamation marks and emphasizing the Pythagoras cipher’s primacy in this context. But you can also add the two and get 90, which is a “message from headquarters” thing. I prefer “message from God” because of the Elizabethan England gematria of 110 for an “explanation” mark. The divisors equalling 216 is unusual though I am sure deliberate. The 28 is ignored because they were after the 197. Can you read this line now? It points to two things, 17 and the future. 

Well, my “muse” in France requested I notify her of any updates so that she doesn’t have to search for changes even though I am only writing on two pages. Presumably, because she is busier than I am. And the mother of one of the two families that keep me at my desk wrote and expressed a desire to die without mentioning any of the other members of her family, including her fucking children. I will NEVER speak to either of these individuals again. Writing for the public is akin to shitting where you eat. Do not write the author unless you have your shit together. And be sure of this. HE DOESN’T WANT TO DIE. HE KNOWS THE BODY IS EXPENDABLE IN A FIGHT AGAINST PRINCIPALITIES. I WRITE NOW TO ENCOURAGE THE ROSICRUCIAN RANK AND FILE, TO LET THEM KNOW I WILL GLADLY BE THE TIP OF THEIR SPEAR. And I write to let the bankers know why they must die now, that “God has a plan,” as my German brothers say. And I write for a guy who was decent enough to correct a mistake of mine without taking a chunk of flesh with him. It’s a small world. I am a simple person. Those who expect doom and gloom fail to listen to Enoch, the Jewish “prophets” of old, and what is being said about the Rosicrucians in Tomorrowland. The Rosicrucians live longer than us. They have technologies you haven’t even dreamed of, including endless energy that does not harm the environment. My vision of the future may be more comprehensive than theirs, but they get the “no money” thing. THERE WILL BE NO MONEY IN THE NEW WORLD. WE ARE ONE. WE ARE A SPECIES. THE TIME OF US PREYING ON EACH OTHER IS AT AN END. Yes, an ordeal awaits every individual. Death and destruction will be arbitrary. But that time will pass in a matter of days. MEANWHILE, WE ARE AT WAR WITH DENVER, COLORADO. They mean to enslave us in the new world, too. They are NOT individuals. They are a mentality that says we live in a material universe, that life is a one-shot deal and death is final. If you think that way, you may not be one of them, but you damned sure are not one of us. The author is facing a mountain of work, both intellectually and physically, maintaining the house in which he lives. He awakes every day and reminds himself of the precariousness of the path he has chosen. I AM A CHRISTIAN SCIENTIST. I WILL SPEAK THE TRUTH. Fuck Vanguard. Soon all of you will know what Enoch did thousands of years ago. God does have a plan. Only “God” is ET. We are not alone. AND GOD? God is the fabric of the universe. THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY YOU CAN KNOW GOD. KNOW YOURSELF. “Your own mind is God, the only God you will EVER have,” I think is what Mrs. Eddy’s maid said. She had her shit together. It gives us Life that cannot be taken back EVER. AND YOU? Individuals are unique in the universe across all species. No one else is like you, and there will never be anyone else exactly like you. YOU ARE AN INDIVIDUAL EXPRESSION OF THAT ONE MIND EVERY INDIVIDUAL IN THE UNIVERSE EXPRESSES. ET knows this. My God, the love I felt in their presence. There was no sense of judgment whatsoever. I felt understood for the first time in my life. And I was drenched in love and laughter. They love us like a mother loves her children. You are in a dream state now from which would WILL wake. Your job is to ensure that when you wake up to the reality of your being (which is so much more than you think now), you can hold your head high BECAUSE YOU WILL STILL HAVE ONE. Your body will be largely unchanged from the experience of what we incorrectly term death. THIS IS THE ONLY FUCKING THING THE AUTHOR KNOWS FOR SURE. So save your “I’m gonna die” bullshit for someone who cares. Moving forward, the measure of a man will be innovation, hard work, intellectual achievements, and wit. How do you measure up in the here and now? No one is helping me reach the people. No one.



7:39 in Tomorrowland

This scene begins at 7:39 in the movie and lasts for 3:22 minutes. At exactly 1:29 into the scene, there is a very carefully choreographed megatsunami wave that covers the entire scene. The wave scene lasts for three seconds and ends at 1:31 into the scene. “The 131st prime is 739. It blocks off 77 cells in the missing Bacon cipher.” Remember these last two sentences because I block-coped them from the discussion about the simple English gematria value of “It is a small world after all.”

Something very special happens in this scene; namely, a pole shift. And it happens at a very special time: 2:16 minutes into the scene at (7:39 + 2:16 =) 9:55 minutes runtime with EXACTLY 2:55:00 left. Nine is always command and control. 55 is the signature of the Rosicrucians. By the way, it was the hardhats in this scene that first alerted the author to the 55 numerical signature of the Rosicrucians. That was years ago. 255 is famously the simple English gematria for the Undiscovered Country

I call it “the site is active” scene for the following reason.

167 is the 39th prime. You will be seeing a lot of this prime number.

The critical part of this scene is the following image.

Note the time is 9:57. In the end, this 57 is everything. This is the moment in the scene where the big S is united with the rest of the word Special. After this moment, the camera whirls around inside the transport and the pole is nowhere to be seen. To understand this image, you need the following gematria.
The exagerated and set apart capital S is a Pythagorian cipher reference to the “Great One.” As stated in Wikipedia, “Aquarius is identified as GU.LA “The Great One” in the Babylonian star catalogues and represents the god Ea himself, who is commonly depicted holding an overflowing vase.”
This and the following gematria for “ya wanna go” are closely related.
Ya wanna go? is NOT a question. It is repeated four times in different trailers and always at 45 seconds, which is the gematria for the strange Tomorrowland trailer exclamation mark. Ya wanna go! is what Frank is really saying, and what the author has been told through different channels. You wanna go on January 28, 2023, because the “Great One” is going to happen on January 29, 2023, the next day. These same numbers are presented over and over in the trailers and countdown clocks. The presentation is consistent, and predictable (or rather, reliable) once you understand the Rosicrucian language. The repetition is necessary because the audience is diverse and of different intellectual capabilities, and because the message is so unbelievable.
Special is the date. This and the date on which trailer #2 was posted to YouTube are the only two times January 29, 2023 (or parts thereof) are stated explicitly. What makes this particular reference to the number 29 into the date January 29, 2023? In this case, it is little Frank jumping up trying to reach the five thinking caps (hardhats), and shouting “Wait! Wait! Wait!” Please note that “Special” is 1 word, 7 letters. 
Okay? Frank (Pythagoras cipher 23) is SCREAMING 17. This number is always saying 39 is an integer offset. Making you understand this is something of a challenge for the author. Let’s just call it the ubiquitous 17 for the time being.

Now here is the pole shift that starts at 2:16 minutes into the scene. It should erase any doubts you may have as to what is supposed to happen on January 29, 2023. In this scene, you are told to put on your thinking cap (a hard hat indeed) to prevent “significant injury” which has a Pythagoras cipher of 91. Note that it ends with the “Great One” S date mechanism spelling “Speci” as in “species.” Perhaps now you can START to see that this end-time EXACT DATE message to the Rosicrucians in the field WORLDWIDE was never a movie. This should also wake you up to the need to get off your ass, purchase the movie, and start studying it at your desk as Rosicruicians do. 



a prayer…

Unbeknownst to your dumb, Internet-surfing ass, countless lives were spent to make this moment possible for you. So let us begin with a prayer

This is one interpretation. But allow me to show you another.
If you are paying attention, you will be asking why the author got rid of the contraction. But first, let’s finish our prayer. By the way, 247 is the 13th pentagonal. Now, here is where if you have any experience in reading Rosicrucian you will KNOW AHEAD OF TIME that 262 was not left to chance. It primary divisors are 2 x 131. The 131st prime 739 blocks off 77 cells in the missing Bacon cipher. Now rearrange those numbers and you get 777, the number for Christ Jesus, and 39. Are you feeling me yet? If this is a game, these sons a bitches are going to hell. But it’s not a game. For God’s sake, the primary message in both the trailers and the countdown clocks is 333, which is Rosicrucian for Friday, April 3, AD 33, as is the number 43, which is their equivalent of the banking class’s 322, a number you find on their imaginary battle flags in the world of numeric symbolism, of which the Rosicrucians are the masters of the universe. Used in this context, 333 tells us in plain English Rosicrucian that the 39 is an integer offset based on the Winter Solstice of 2022 and NOT a date. In the exact same manner, Seneca the Younger told us in plain English Latin THAT THEY DO IN FACT KNOW THE EXACT DATE. Trust the integrity of the author when he says these men and women are devout Christians (warriors). They would never even think of evoking the suffering of that man in such a context without meaning it. And they do so THROUGHOUT this prayerful message to their rank and file, which for some reason unknown to the author, you are about to learn.

Psalm 91 is at the heart of the Rosicrucians.

Psalm 91

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High
shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress:
my God; in him will I trust.

Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler,
and from the noisome pestilence.

He shall cover thee with his feathers,
and under his wings shalt thou trust:
his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night;
nor for the arrow that flieth by day;

nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness;
nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.

A thousand shall fall at thy side,
and ten thousand at thy right hand;
but it shall not come nigh thee.

Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold
and see the reward of the wicked.

Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge,
even the most High, thy habitation;

there shall no evil befall thee,
neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.

For he shall give his angels charge over thee,
to keep thee in all thy ways.

They shall bear thee up in their hands,
lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.

Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder:
the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.

Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him:
I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.

He shall call upon me, and I will answer him:
I will be with him in trouble;
I will deliver him, and honour him.

With long life will I satisfy him,
and shew him my salvation.

Now, why would a Rosicrucian change “It’s” to “It is” without thinking? I’m glad you asked.



So, as I was saying, money makes people stupid. They become “gods many.” They cannot imagine a world in which they are not in control. And then the end comes. It is always so. Sir Francis Bacon, your William Shakespeare, is the spiritual leader of the Rosicrucians. Those guys defeated the Spanish Armada when they were yet but children. Since then, they have been well hidden from the world developing technologies for the next. If war is chess, they’ve played every conceivable scenario. Were I to cross them and become their enemy, which I think is not possible at this point, I would live in palpable fear every waking moment. There are countless ways to die. Go silently to your granite death trap. You walk through a “what’s behind door number three” landmind reality before you reach the safety of those doors.

“All’s Well that Ends Well” was used by Sir Francis Bacon to let everyone know that they were switching from the Old English, 24-letter alphabet to Modern English with its 26-letter alphabet, or rather adding the latter.

In the language of Rosicrucian, 52 means the unknown. It is a reference to the 52-year orbital period of the comet Venus, knowledge of which aided the Hebrews in their escape from captivity in Egypt. The same fucking thing is happening now. 239 is the 52nd prime. Right about now you should be reminding yourself that the Rosicrucians have always known the end date. The problem here is that this is the gematria for Modern English. This play was first published in the First Folio in 1623. It was written from 1601 to 1605. Now for a history lesson. The Gunpowder Plot was on November 5, 1605. 68 and 224 go nowhere. Furthermore, the numeric value of the individual words in both the Pythagoras cipher and Old English (in use at the time) yield NO prime numbers. Something is amiss. The Rosicrucians know there is a message here because of the deliberate “thatEnds” mistake in the typesetting. The work of Petter Amundsen makes it plain that the typesetting in the First Folio is art, arguably more important (from a historical perspective) than the words. Only by switching to Modern English, a transition happening at the time, can they see the 91 flanked by 52, and realize that 239 is the 52nd prime. But then they were faced with a second problem. WHAT IS UNKNOWN? This is the question the data presents so far. You must figure out what is unknown. For those of you starting to think like a Rosicrucian you will see the “39” in 239 hints at the final destination. But for now, it is something else that must be found.
This “ALL is” interpretation is nothing less than a call to arms in numeric symbolism. It begins with a reminder of what is at stake. All is 23, just like Frank in Tomorrowland. 47, Mars, is flanked by Ptolemy 48 (greater knowledge). And Pythagoras is 77. Only now does the message resemble something like what was expected. That missing letter ‘i’ in the “All’s” concatenation has a value of 9 in Modern English. By extending their language, what the author calls the missing Bacon Cipher, into Modern, 26-letter English, beginning this play on page 230 of the First Folio, and referencing 233, the 13 Fibonacci, Sir Francis Bacon is declaring war on the Bankers. 

So replacing the missing letter ‘i’ in the “It’s a small world…” comes naturally to a Rosicrucian because they are taught this generation after generation. This is the value of knowledge in the end time. When I think of what money does in the end time, acting like an irresistible magnet drawing all of the most rank materialists alive, the sons and daughters of those who tried to eliminate God’s chosen people, tried to just blow up the most culturally significant period of all of human history, ordered Picket’s charge, enslaved Africans, when I think on these things, I think money is magic. It is like the treats I give my cats. It will NOT fail to do what it was meant to do in the end time. Money is the Great Sheppard leading all of those who enslaved our species to an end ET will be conducting from on high.



14:39 at the end of CC SCENE #3 is the same as 1:04:39 in the movie and is preceded by 13:59 in another trailer and the fact that there are 14 days left in the YouTube posting date countdown. 14 ties all of these together because the 14th prime is 43, yet another way of referencing 333.