2022: Tomorrowland trailer analysis

After much thought, the author realizes he cannot republish everything before the end. There is not enough time. This is the first “2022” proof. Others will follow in the coming days. You need to get ready. This is real. Godspeed to you all. The author asks that you let others know, but not by posting on the Internet. Let your friends and loved ones know. Tell them yourself. Stand behind the data I am releasing. Save lives. Get to high ground.
You must understand that timing is EVERYTHING in Tomorrowland. The runtime for the above scene is 1:56 minutes. You will see this number again in the table of data below. It is the runtime for the “What is Tomorrowland” trailer on line 18. Making this connection is critical because of the symbolic significance of the number 156. It always represents the passage of time. “58 days!” points to the same line. The answer you seek is on line 20, a reference to the vigesimal Maya Long Count. I am releasing this document on December 10, 2022, as a reference to Revelation 12:1. Other equally compelling documents will follow in the coming days.


File name : Tomorrowland-Trailer-analysis-from-LeonardodaVinci.tv-v6.0-2022-12-10.pdf

DOWNLOAD: https://leonardodavinci.tv/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Tomorrowland-Trailer-analysis-from-LeonardodaVinci.tv-v6.0-2022-12-10.pdf


For those more adept at reading Rosicrucian, ask yourself, How did you get to this life-saving 23:22, telling us that we are days away from the apocalypse? The answer is 21:20 (the big lie of December 21, 2012) + 1:00 + 1:01 = 23:22. The 1:00 and 1:01 that make this possible reduce to 111, which is the numeric symbol for the crown. You have Queen Elizabeth, Sir Francis Bacon, and the Rosicrucians to thank for this opportunity to survive. The author doesn’t need any thanks. He has been hated by y’all all his life. It is enough for him to witness the destruction of the world that has tortured him since he was born. But if you make it and see him on the other side, thanks may be in order.

The same 23:22 can be found when the movie release date was moved from December 12, 2014, to December 19, 2014. The movie was actually released on May 22, 2015. The unit of measurement suggested by this inexplicably short change in the release date is weeks, so I computed the difference between December 19, 2014, and May 22, 2015. It is 22 weeks. And of course, the difference between December 12, 2014, and May 22, 2015, is 23 weeks.

You will see this number again in a few days when the author publishes the signature of death designed into the architecture of the original World Trade Center. That numeric signature says the same thing as do the Tomorrowland trailers and countdown clocks. It is time to either wake up or die.

This knowledge is from ancient Greece
By way of Elizabethan England and Sir Francis Bacon


Mark 10:18


God says no quarters. Disobeying puts our species at risk.