2022: Minoru Yamasaki’s “signature of death” on the World Trade Center




John D. Rockefeller in c. 1900 (credit Wikipedia). Those are storm clouds behind John D. Rockefeller. An unusual choice to say the least. This is the guy who let his child make this announcement. What animals are these? All of that wasted human effort so that they could watch as people jumped to their death as a sick reminder of what the Roman elite did to the monotheists in the Levant. Nothing represents where the leadership of the rank materialists takes our species more than the jumpers on 9/11. They were planned. The proof is there. Watching the jumpers fall to their death knowing that it was the work of their hands. That is who they are. They want to be “gods many,” but they live in fragile bodies and have weak minds. They are more vulnerable than they think. And the time for this sick game to end is upon us.

David Rockefeller announces plans for the World Trade Center in 1943

Before discussing what the author calls the “signature of death” on the World Trade Center, something else must be discussed. Why was it so important to announce the World Trade Center in 1943? The answer has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with Vox in excelso. There is only ONE answer to this question. Friday, April 3, AD 33 is the day on which the Roman elite crucified the Nazarene. These dumb bastards haven’t learned anything in the past 2,000 years. They would kill him again without a moment’s hesitation. The author knows the price they are about to pay for this haughty arrogance. The level of contempt the banking class feels for the reality of metaphysics is painfully evident in this one decision. The problem is that we really are mental beings. Allow yourself to believe this for a moment, and then assess what is happening. The world is controlled by a handful of men who believe they possess “private” minds (read “brains”), that life is short and mean, death is final, and that they alone are fierce enough to face this stark reality and make the hard decisions required to bring “order to chaos” by implementing a worldwide dictatorship in which they can control the species and do what is necessary to get us off this planet. That belief is what makes them so dangerous because, in reality, they are beastly men who take great pleasure in exercising control over the lives of other men. They don’t care about our species. They are the “gods many” of THIS world, and their days are numbered. The truth is we are mental beings, and ET is helping to awaken us to this reality. We are unimaginably primitive. These men are not evil incarnate. They are victims as much as anyone else. Of what you ask? Money and hierarchies. Neither will exist in the new world. Human beings are a primitive species that organized themselves on the basis that we are material beings. We are not. The author can attest to this unlike anyone else alive at the moment. There is no uncertainty in the outcome at this point. Mankind is on the threshold of discovering its true potential. The memory of this time will pass quickly. There will be much to do in the new world. Our species will be organized around the principle of having a single mission, getting off this planet. But that day is not here yet. We must go through this change. Right now, these men still control everything, everything except the destiny of our species. That is now in the hands of ET. There is a Book of Life in that ET is telepathic. Individuals are accountable for their actions in these final days. No one will be pushing any nuclear buttons. The level of control being exercised now is much more fine-grained than that. And for this reason, I would not want to be a Rockefeller. Their thinking is what is about to get them killed.

What these men know
lights up their consciousness
like a cigarette
in a WWI trench.

That is the level of control being exercised in the world right now. The “sins of their fathers” is that knowledge, and it is something ET can sense from above. They don’t need to land to identify the people who must now die. Beyond this extrasensory perception of a highly advanced species—whose interest in us is so intense the author thinks they are humans who made it off the planet millions of years ago and that is why they look so much like us—the author can only imagine the level of detail that the Rosicrucians maintain on the lives of all the major “players” right now. Based on what he is experiencing in his own life, they probably are tracking the movements of thousands of individuals in the banking class. What they can do with that information, especially here in Texas, is frightening. It is easy for the author to imagine any day now every banker within 550 miles of San Antonio, Texas waking, or rather not waking, with their throats cut. The founders of Vanguard cannot buy their way out of what David Rockefeller did when he made the arrogant decision to defy the behest of their own consciousness and announce plans to recall the Siege of Masada jumpers from AD 73 in the year 1943. They know what they did and right now that knowledge hovers over them like the grim reaper, only they don’t know it. That is the hard part for the author. How can these people be so oblivious to what is happening? The answer is rank materialism. They are grotesque human beings who use the lives of our children to achieve their ends. And for that, more than anything else, their individual consciences are destined for a hell I would not wish on any human being. The author knows how hard it is to accept that this is the human state, but this is exactly what is happening in THIS world. And nothing, NOTHING, makes this more obvious than the unmitigated debauchery of announcing the World Trade Center in 1943. So pay attention to the following, will ya? They drove spikes through his hands and feet, thrust a spear into him, and left him to die.

In 1943, David Rockefeller is 28 years old. He graduated from Harvard with a bachelor’s degree in 1936 and got his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago in 1940. According to a New York Times article, “That same year he married Margaret McGrath, known as Peggy, whom he had met at a dance seven years earlier when he was a Harvard freshman…” So, until 1940 he is nothing more than a college student and newlywed. The following section from Wikipedia shows that his experience in government at the time is little more than an unpaid intern.

Government service

After completing his studies in Chicago, he became secretary to New York Mayor Fiorello La Guardia for eighteen months in a “dollar a year” public service position. Although the mayor pointed out to the press that Rockefeller was only one of 60 interns in the city government, his working space was, in fact, the vacant office of the deputy mayor. From 1941 to 1942, Rockefeller was assistant regional director of the United States Office of Defense, Health and Welfare Services.

Wikipedia, David Rockefeller

In March 1942, he enlists in the U.S. Army as a private (this is the man who according to the same NYT article cited above “roller skated along Fifth Avenue trailed by a limousine in case [he] grew tired). According to a helpful June 8, 2015 article entitled Rockefeller saw service in World War II in the Mount Desert Islander, “His work consisted of guard duty and delivering messages.” Then, a year later in March 1943, he entered what I believe at the time was called Officers Training School for the Engineer Corps. Why? Why was this young man chosen to announce the World Trade Center in NYC? You must ponder this question because it is of profound importance for your understanding of what is happening in the world right now. Why was this young man announcing the World Trade Center in 1943? The answer to this question is simply that this is an example of multigenerational planning. David Rockefeller can be removed from the equation. This is obviously the work of his father John D. Rockefeller, who is merely taking attention off of himself. The real question is, Why is the World Trade Center announced in 1943, a quarter of a century before construction begins?

Establishment of World Trade Center

The idea of establishing a World Trade Center in New York City was first proposed in 1943.

Wikipedia, World Trade Center (1973–2001)

The idea of establishing a World Trade Center in New York City was first proposed in 1943 by David Rockefeller.

TheStreet.com, Today in Wall Street History: A Look Back at The World Trade Center’s North Tower, Joseph Street, December 23, 2020

Planning, designing and clearing space for the World Trade Center took over a decade. The New York State Legislature originally approved the idea in 1943, but concrete plans did not materialize until the 1960s.

History.com, World Trade Center, then the world’s tallest building, opens in New York City

For details about the planning, see World Trade Center (1942-2002) on PBS.org. The Japanese architect Minoru Yamasaki, who was responsible for the final design, has an article entitled World Trade Center on Architectuul.com which is worth mentioning in this context. He also says, “The idea of establishing a World Trade Center in New York City was first proposed in 1943.” He is pointing this out for a reason. Minoru Yamasaki is a Japanese Rosicrucian. He is the one who designed the signature of death.

The precedence Minoru Yamasaki used for counting the rooftops in the design of the World Trade Center and his “signature of death” is the gallows. There are not thirteen steps to the gallows. There are only twelve. The thirteenth step is onto the platform.

In the design of the original World Trade Center, the rooftops are the equivalent of a gallows platform. The rooftop levels in the design of the original World Trade Center (1973–2001) are as follows:

 111 1 WTC: North Tower
 111 2 WTC: South Tower
  23 3 WTC: Marriott Hotel
  10 4 WTC: Office Building
  10 5 WTC: Office Building
   9 6 WTC: U.S. Customs House
+ 48 7 WTC: Office Building



The banking class is wholly incapable of producing a numeric signature of this sophistication. This is Minoru Yamasaki, a Rosicrucian, announcing to the world what the World Trade Center is all about. The Rosicrucians are operating under orders from on high not to interfere with the banking class. Minoru Yamasaki poured his heart into the design of the elevator system. For the author, the numeric symbolism in the design of the elevator system in the original World Trade Center reads like a book in the Bible. He knew what was going to happen.


Perhaps the most important numerical signature of all time…

222 + 43 + 9 + 48 = 322

There are two interpretations. Only two. And there is no guessing involved. The following two interpretations from the numeric symbolism of the Rosicrucians into plain English are precise. The first is based on the actual number of floors and the second includes the rooftops. This is architectural poetry. It doesn’t get any better than this.

The Greeks | will end | the control | of the Romans.

2022 | will end | the control | of the banking class.

There are four parts to the message. The first part is the Twin Towers (1 WTC & 2 WTC). The second part is a Pythagoras 3-4-5 triangle (3 WTC, 4 WTC, and 5 WTC). The third part is the U.S. Customs House (6 WTC). And the last part is the Roman elite, the 47-storey tall office building clad in RED GRANITE (7 WTC). The remainder of this paper will discuss each of these four parts in order.


3 WTC is where a lot of the symbolism takes place. It is out-of-order and somewhat hidden in this layout of the original World Trade Center.
 110 1 WTC: North Tower
+110 2 WTC: South Tower
 111 1 WTC: North Tower
+111 2 WTC: South Tower

Adding 110 + 110 = 220 or 111 + 111 = 222 yields essentially the same result, the year of the apocalypse. The first includes adding the number eleven twice. This choice of 110 storeys, highlighting the number 11, is the symbolic equivalent of the Twin Trees from Roman mythology, the Twin Towers, or the Twin Pines Mall from Back to the Future. Take your pick. 11 is the equivalent of all three because the Twin Trees, Twin Towers, and the Twin Pines Mall are all symbolic representations of the “Big Game” referred to in the Tomorrowland trailer analysis, the life and death struggle between the forces of good and evil in this tall tale the author is telling, between the Ћinkers/Rosicrucians and the Roman elite/Knights Templar/founders of Vanguard. 11 always means this. And the game ends this year. However, 222 has another meaning, one which sets the stage for the analysis of the second part of this numeric signature.

The first plane to hit was American Airlines Flight 11. That is 11 11 in Rosicrucian. That “airplane” (there were NO airplanes on 9/11) represents the hit the banking class took in 1312. But you see, the bankers are telling this story, which is why 2 WTC, representing the Ћinkers/Rosicrucians falls first. The fact that 2 WTC falls before 1 WTC is what this little shitshow was all about, other than the jumpers recalling to memory the Seige of Masada. It’s a hard truth, but if you expect to be alive a month from now, there are a lot of hard truths you must confront. You are now officially a spectator in a game that doesn’t end well for anyone except mankind. We are not alone in this. The bankers are no longer in control of this world. ET and the Rosicrucians have the reigns now.

The year 532 BC was a year of the pre-Julian Roman calendar. In the Roman Empire, it was known as year 222 Ab urbe condita.


By place


Pythagoras arrives in the Greek colony of Croton (modern-day Crotone) in Magna Graecia and founds the philosophical school of Pythagoreanism (approximate date).

Wikipedia, 532 BC

Since the early medieval period, the year 222 AUC (ab urbe condita) in the Roman calendar has been regarded as the year the first Pythagorean community (or school) was founded in Magna Graecia (modern-day Italy). 222 AUC is the number of years since 753 BC, the traditional founding of Rome. This is why all of the clocks in the opening scene of Back to the Future are set to 7:53 AM. NO ONE NOTICED. NO ONE. What this number signifies is the passing of specific knowledge of the end time from the ancient Greeks to the Romans (i.e. from the Ћinkers to the bankers). Thus the very design of the World Trade Center acknowledges that the source of this information was the ancient Greeks. In other words, this is when the “Big Game” began.



The indirect 222 AUC reference to Pythagoras suggests grouping buildings three, four, and five together as in a 3-4-5 Pythagoras right triangle (the smallest Pythagorean triple).

 22 3 WTC: Marriott Hotel
  9 4 WTC: Office Building
 +9 5 WTC: Office Building
 23 3 WTC: Marriott Hotel
 10 4 WTC: Office Building
+10 5 WTC: Office Building

40 and 43 both translate into “will end,” the 40 for obvious reasons. The 43 translates into “will end” because Friday, April 3, AD 33 is the date on which the Roman elite tried to kill the Nazarene. 43 is always used in the sense of retaliation for the crucifixion of the Nazarene. They are warriors.

We also stedfastly beleeve, that if our Brethren and Fathers had lived in this our present and clear light, they would more roughly have handled the Pope, Mahomet, Scribes, Artists, and Sophisters, and had shewed themselves more helpful, not simply with sighs, and wishing of their end and consummation.

The Internet Archive (a.k.a. Wayback Machine), The Rosicrucian Manifestos: Fama Fraternitatis and Confessio Fraternitatis

3 WTC encodes the same 22/23 seen in the Tomorrowland trailer analysis. Here is the pièce de résistance, and another 43 you probably haven’t seen.

Notice the 523. That is the 99th prime. The 100th prime? That is always Sir Francis Bacon. And what you are seeing here is the missing Bacon cipher. That man is so little understood. He and Leonardo da Vinci have that in common.

99, like 24, is routinely used to represent the end of something. In this version of the story told by 9/11, the bankers die. According to Wikipedia, construction of the original WTC 3 began in March of 1979. This is the same year the movie The Black Hole was released. Now you’re probably thinking, “What does a cheesy sci-fi movie have to do with 9/11?” There is no such thing as a “black hole.” The center of the galaxy is a sinuous ball of gravity God could not penetrate. The Ћinkers know this. “The Black Hole” is 79, the year the movie was released. The “game” for the banking class is killing us. This is the game for the Rosicrucians, using simple English gematria and prime numbers in an effort to let as many people know what is happening as possible and awaiting the inevitable outcome. 79 is the 22nd prime. And now you know.


1 WTC faces the West, the direction from which the mighty Pacific Ocean will end their existence if ET doesn’t melt them as punishment for what they did to us. The Rosicrucians face Liberty Street.

The 22/23 of 3 WTC is what connects 1 WTC (representing the banking class) and 2 WTC (representing the Rosicrucians), a water event, not a Solar nova. Whereas the glory of 9/11 for the bankers was watching the jumpers fall to their deaths. The Rosicrucians, as always, obediently focus all of their considerable intellectual might (and some impressive soldier boys being paraded in front of the author on a somewhat regular basis lately) on Armageddon, on the final battle, on the HERE AND NOW, not this little shitshow two decades in advance of the real one. The bankers die in the end, and they know it. All the public needs to know is that they were constrained from telling the whole world ahead of time what was going to happen on September 11, 2001. The Bible itself instructs them not to interfere with what the author calls the “writing on the wall.” ET is in control of what is happening. So, Minoru Yamasaki did the best that he could with the elevator design which reads like a book in the Bible and made sure the world knew who was responsible. The author admires this man without measure.

Mars, the god of war, is always represented by the number 47.

What remains is two buildings that equal the Rosicrucian signature of 55. The 57 is more interesting, though.

  8 6 WTC: U.S. Customs House
+47 7 WTC: Office Building
  9 6 U.S. Customs House
+48 7 WTC: Office Building

The number nine is always a reference to command and control. Thus it translates into “the control” in both translations of Minoru Yamasaki’s “signature of death” on the World Trade Center. As stated in Wikipedia, “The 47-year cycle of Mars: after 47 years – 22 synodic periods of 780 days each – Mars returns to the same position among the stars and is in the same relationship to the Earth and Sun. The ancient Mesopotamians discovered this cycle.” This use of the number 47 for Mars does indeed date back to the Babylonians, but it too is imperfect knowledge. The most reliable number for Mars being in the exact same location in relationship to Earth is once every 133 years. And the Babylonians knew that. Only the bankers think the correct number is 47. Nevertheless, the 47 translates into “the banking class” if you start the sentence with 2022. Otherwise, if you start the sentence with “The Greeks,” it ends with “the Romans.” And the 48th prime is 223, which speaks for itself. But much more is happening here. That the 48 used in this context is a reference to Ptolemy’s 48 classical constellations, the author holds self-evident. And this sets the stage for understanding the 57.

What is the 57th constellation in the 88 (another indirect reference to the bankers) officially recognized constellations? It is Norma.

The 57 you are seeing here is what the author calls an “anti-cipher” meant to assure the reader that they are on the right path. 61 is the 18th prime and another way of writing 666, or “Here is wisdom.” What is that wisdom? The Great Attractor.

The lessons to be taught by this connection of the World Trade Center to the Norma constellation of the Milkyway galaxy far exceeds the understanding of non-Rosicrucian readers. Rosicrucians will want to look at the 569 in Norma. And of course, the Rebis connection and the meaning of this page, which is an alternative reality in which the Twin Towers and Queen Elizabeth and her son, Sir Francis Bacon.


That is where the author must leave the subject of 9/11 and its higher meanings to the Roman elite/Knights Templar/founders of Vanguard. There are forces at work about which you know nothing. Your time is over now. Go quietly to your deaths. Pray, and by that I mean listen to your “own” mind. It is “the only God you will ever know,” to quote Mrs. Eddy’s maid. God is Love, but there is a hard road ahead for you. No matter how hard it gets, you will not die. But you are now days away from a living hell. You will wish you could die before it is all over. Think of me when that time comes, will ya? ET says I will not die in the cataclysm, and the Rosicrucians keep promising me that I am going to live a lot longer than I think. I was no one in your world. In theirs, I am destined to write the Higher Law by which I will end you forever.

You think about these things while I collect myself for a trip to Six Flags in San Antonio, Texas, where I am pretty fucking sure I will be welcome after publishing this. They built the highest roller coaster drop in the world to celebrate your fall from power. I’m gonna ride it.

Page 53 from Claudius Ptolemy’s Almagest. The 48th constellation in that book is Virgo. This is where the Rosicrucians leave you.
Anyone got as good receipe for snake?